This is a hood to be used during intubation to help contain any aerosolized virus.

There are 2 sets of arm holes on the sides, facing away from the intubator. One set of arm holes is used by the physician, and an assistant can use the second set.

There is a pipe at the front that goes under the mattress to help secure the hood. When deployed, the hood is slid down from the head of the bed about 6 inches and it holds tightly to the mattress.



All pipe can be obtained at Home Depot, Lowes or most hardware stores. Clear vinyl can be found at a fabric store like Joanns. The VHB tape is harder to find but McMaster will ship it next-day (links below).
quantity item price each (with link to store)
3 ten foot lengths of 1/2" PVC pipe $1.98
2 1/2" x 18" PVC flexible repair couplings $5.35
10 1/2" PVC 90 degree elbows $0.46
4 1/2" PVC 45 degree elbows $0.85
10 1/2" PVC tees $0.45
2 1/2" PVC 90 degree elbows with side outlet $0.90
1 ratcheting PVC cutter $13.98
8 oz PVC cement (clear will look best) $5.40
3 yards 20 gauge clear vinyl $8.99
15 feet 3M VHB mounting tape $38.26
TOTAL COST (before tax): $115.55
  • Scissors
  • Masking tape
  • Dry erase marker
  • Box cutter or X-ACTO knife


Here are a few helpful videos if you have never worked with PVC pipe before:

How to Use PVC Pipe Cutters

Joining PVC Pipe and Fittings with Primer and Solvent Cement



Download and print these PDF cutting templates for the vinyl. The three larger templates can be printed at a place like Fedex Office cheaply (about 50 cents per square foot ≈ $15 total).

arm holes 8.5 x 11 inches (need 2 copies)
vinyl top 31 x 73 inches
vinyl sides 33 x 28 inches
vinyl body hole 28 x 19 inches
  • Dry fit all of the pipe connections before gluing to make sure they fit.
  • Wear gloves and work over a surface that you are ok getting glue on.
  • Buy a few extra of each type of fitting in case you make any mistakes -- they're cheap. You can always return extras.
  • After applying glue to the pipe and inside a fitting, press the pipe into the fitting and HOLD pressure for about 3-5 seconds. Sometimes the pipe will push back out if you do not hold pressure.
  • Wipe any excess cement off the joint while it is still wet with a paper towel for a cleaner look.
  • Make sure fittings (elbows and tees) are oriented correctly. Build on a flat surface so you can press the fittings flat to make sure they are pointing in the same direction.
  • This frame fits a mattress that is 26 inches wide and 5 inches thick.

1. Using the PVC cutter, cut the 2 pieces of pipe to the following dimensions. Measure the length you are going to cut and mark with a marker. Cut, and then label the piece with the letter below.
label quantity length
A 3 26 in
B 1 22 in
C 1 11 in
F 1 6 in
label quantity length
B 1 22 in
D 4 10 in
H 2 8.5 in
E 4 8 in
F 1 6 in
label quantity length
G 4 5 in
I 2 3 in
J 6 2 in

2. Make assembly 1 with (2) piece G's, (1) piece A, and (2) 90 degree elbows.
Assembly 1

3. Make assembly 2, with (2) piece F's, (1) piece C, (2) 90 degree elbows and (2) tees. Make sure the tees are pointing 90 degrees to the elbows.

4. Make assembly 3R and 3L (mirror images of each other), each with (1) piece I, (1) piece D, (2) piece E's, (2) piece J's, (1) 90 degree elbow with side outlet, (2) 90 degree elbows and (2) tees. Make sure the empty ports of the tee and 90 degree elbow with side outlet are pointing 180 degrees to each other.

5. Make (2) assembly 4's each with (1) piece H, (1) piece D, and (1) flexible repair coupling.
Assembly 4

6. Make assembly 5 with (2) piece A's, (2) piece H's, (2) piece J's, (2) 90 degree elbows with side outlet, and (2) tees.
Assembly 5

7. Attach assembly 2 to assemblies 3R and 3L.
Attach assemble 2 to assemblies 3R and 3L

8. Attach (2) assembly 4's

9. Attach (2) piece B's.

10. Attach assembly 5.

11. Bend the flexible pipe sections back and attach to the rear portion of the frame with (2) 45 degree elbows. Twist the elbows as make the frame symmetric. When everything is aligned, mark both elbow joints with a marker so you know how they should be oriented for gluing. Then, glue all joints.

12. Trace the vinyl templates onto the vinyl with a dry erase marker and then cut out the 3 individual pieces with scissors.

13. Place a few wraps of masking tape, sticky side out, over the fittings on the top and sides. Then place the side panels in place. The masking tape will hold the panels in place while you position to get a good fit. If the panel is slightly askew, reposition it. Trim any large excess vinyl overlap. You can do a final trim at the end, so don't cut too much at this step.

14. Place a continuous line of VHB tape on the side panels overlying the pipe. Leave the backing in place. Do this slowly so you get a straight tape line. You get one chance — the tape will not come off.
Apply VHB tape

15. Place the center vinyl piece over the 2 side pieces. Start on one side and carefully remove the backing from the tape starting at one end of the seam and progressing to other end. Press the vinyl pieces together as you remove the backing. Again, you get once chance with the tape — it is extremely sticky, so work slowly and gently pull the vinyl taut and press out any bubbles in the tape.
Carefully remove the backing

16. Trim excess vinyl from inside and outside the hood along the tape line, and off the bottom of all the sides.
Trim excess vinyl

17. Print 2 copies of the arm hole template sheet and cut into 4 individual arm hole templates. Tape into position on the vinyl sides at locations shown in the picture. The locations of these holes can be changed if you want — test with the PVC frame without the cover on to see what position is most natural for the intubator and an assistant. Using a sharp blade make a plunge cut at the 12 o'clock position and cut to 6 o'clock. Then make 2 more cuts — from 3 o'clock to the center, and from 9 o'clock to the center. Repeat for other holes.

18. Use the body hole template to cut the body hole and flaps. Tape into place with masking tape making sure the bottom of the template is flush with the bottom of the frame. Cut on all the dotted lines.
Cut body hole and flaps

Any comments, directions that could be clearer, suggestions? Let me know